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This site is devoted to dipeptide Carnosine and its derivatives which are able to protect biological structures from oxidative damage.

Carnosine is a rather simple molecule, but it has different properties very usefull for cellular metabolism - being the buffer of protons and metals of variable valency, scavenger of free radicals and active sugars, Carnosine acts as polifunctional protector of cells and tissues in different extreme conditions - oxidative stress, exatotoxic disorders of excitable tissues, injuries, deficit of immune system, etc.

What is Carnosine?

Carnosine (sago, carnis - meat), C9H14O3N4, a dipeptide (β -alanylhistidine), composed of amino acids β-alanine and L-histidine. It was discovered by Gulevich B.C. in meat extract in 1900. Its molecular mass is 226, It crystallizes in the form of colourless prickles, has good solubility in water, and is insoluble in alcohol. It is found in skeletal muscles of most vertebrates. There are kinds of fish in which both Carnosine itself and the amino acids of which it is composed are absent (or either L-gistidin or Beta-alanine is only present); There is no carnosine in the muscles of invertebrates. The content of carnosine in muscles of vertebrates varies from 200 to 400 mg% of raw muscles and depends on their structure and function; its content in human muscles is 100-150 mg%.

The effects of carnosine on biochemical processes are various, however, the whole biological role of carnosine has not been determined yet. Addition of carnosine to the solution, washing isolated nervous and muscular preparation, stimulates rehabilitation of contractions of a tired muscle (the phenomenon by Severin).

     Carnosine (trade name "SEVITIN")

Companies: ООО «ПТП «МЕДТЕХНИКА» (OOO “PTP “MEDTECHNIKA”), ООО НИП «ИНФАРМ плюс» (OOO NIP “INFARM plus”) together with International Center for Biotechnology, M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University

Development, production and delivery of medicines and food additives on the basis of dipeptide L-carnosine:

  • biologically active additives on the basis of L-carnosine, its combination with other active components;

  • medicines on the basis of L-carnosine or its derivatives;

  • cosmetics on the basis of L-carnosine.
  • Carnosine was grown from muscular tissue more than a hundred years ago and later it was identified as β-alanine L-histidine. At present, this compound has been carefully studied on different animal models and is already applied for making medicines in a number of countries. One of the most important charfcteristics of Carnosine is its ability to prevent from oxidative stress which is on the basis of development of many diseases such as allergic, oncological, neurological, and also leads to the disorders connected with the process of aging. Thus, making biologically active additives and medicines on the basis of Carnosine is very promising for prevention of these diseases and improvement of the quality of life.

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